Success Stories

Every one has a unique situation and at Wilson Family Chiropractic Center we provide a unique approach to each individual's needs. Read the stories below and be encouraged

After only two days of treatment- traction- I woke up this morning with no bodily pain. This is a big deal since I have had plantar fasciitis for years and usually wake up with feet pain. I often also wake up with back pain, but not today. Today, I had my first pain free run in weeks. I felt very light on my feet. I also had more energy today and didn’t get my mid-afternoon slump. Thank you, Dr. Wilson and Team!

Alicia H.

After my car accident, I experienced a lot of ringing in my ears, horrible headaches, tingling in my pain and restriction in my neck as well as my back. In the short time of seeing Dr. Wilson, I’ve experienced less and infrequent headaches, able to move my neck with more ease. The tingling in my hand is gone and the annoying constant ringing in my ears is basically gone! Everyone at Dr. Wilson’s office is amazing and so friendly. Thank you so much for giving me back freedom to be the mom that I want to be without being held back by pain.

Arellhi P.

Before I started with Dr. Wilson, I had pain in my lower back and neck. My motion in both volleyball and basketball was limited. It hurt to jump for the ball and run while dribbling. Now, because of Wilson Family Chiropractic Center, I have been playing volleyball with my sister for hours (in the past I could only play for 15 minutes before pain sets in). I can now do full workouts with NO pain! My athletic skills have also improved; I can jump higher, look up at the hoops to shoot, and I have faster reaction time. My back has straightened and my neck is also getting A LOT better! Thank you guys for helping me live a better, pain free life!

Ava M.

I dislocated my wrist months before coming to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center and it never healed properly. I was referred to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center by a friend who said this place was different, so I tried it out. Dr. Wilson discovered a spot on my spine that was rubbing together and causing a pinch in nerve endings that didn’t allow proper healing. Through regular visits and proper practice of sitting and standing right. I regained full mobility in my wrist. I recommend Wilson Family Chiropractic center to all.

Ben B.

Pretty excited when I noticed the improvements in my left arm pinched nerve. My round of golf did not stir up the nerve, then a nice long bike ride had the same pain free experience.

Finally, I was back to full strength in my left arm when doing strength training especially the triceps. Thank you, Wilson Family Chiropractic.

Carol J.

When I first came in to see Dr. Wilson, he sat me down to get a better understanding of how and if, he could help me. After about a year and a half, I’d say he sure can and did help. I was having constant neck pain and headaches/migraines. I’ve noticed my headaches are few and far between now. I’ve also noticed a greater range of motion in my neck. Not only does Dr. Wilson help with the physical aspect, he takes the time to show me my progress via x-rays, etc. I have some work to do still on the curvature in my neck and I trust Dr. Wilson will help me get there.

Chris D.

When I came here, I was having difficulty with finding a comfortable sleeping position for my neck. I was also experiencing brain fog and memory issue.

Since my traction and adjustments of my neck. The brain fog is gone, I’m sleeping comfortably and feel my memory is much improved. This had dramatically affected my quality of life.

DeAnn J.

I have experienced pulsatile tinnitus for 7 months. After the first week of treatment by Dr. Wilson, the pulsatile tinnitus was gone and I have not had any other episode for 2 ½ months.

Deb R.

I have been suffering in varying degrees of pain throughout my life due to scoliosis. I started going to chiropractors over 40 years ago, but without much pain relief except temporary. I eventually had been to 4 to 5 different chiropractors because of them selling their business for one reason or another. My daughter recommended that I see Dr. Wilson. After only very few visits, I had already noticed several changes that all made me feel better and have started to make great changes in my life. Thanks to my daughter and the staff at Wilson Family Chiropractic Center, I have begun to feel better each and every day.

Gary C.

It has helped with my knee pain. When golfing, I am now able to squat clear down and line up my putts for the first time in over a year.

Greg G.

Before coming here, I was having daily headaches and frequent neck and back pain. Soon after starting traction, the headaches went away. I no longer have neck and back pain. My depression and my overall mood are better!

Hannah K.

When I first saw Dr. Wilson, he helped me with my neck. I now have better posture and feel much better. I am a much happier person than before. Thanks to Dr. Wilson for everything.

Javan W.

My IBS, which has plagued me for 25 years has improved considerably. My mornings used to be quite controlled by IBS. But now that is much better—I am able to have 9:00 appointments without fear.

Jordan F.

I started seeing Dr. Wilson on Oct. 25, 2019. I’m so glad that I did. I no longer have low back pain and it has reduced my migraines. I am continuing to come to Dr. Wilson to help with other health issues that I have. I’m sure that this will help me. It’s been a blessing to come to Dr. Wilson. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his staff. Thanks Dr. Wilson and his staff 😊

Julie L.

I love to garden, and I can now garden without pain the next day!

Karen G.

Since I have been coming to Wilson Family Chiropractic, I have been able to lift heavier things and I’ve had less right shoulder pain. Before starting chiropractic, I struggled to lift certain things in certain ways and my right shoulder hurt when I tried to ride my dirt bike and four-wheeler. But now I can ride my dirt bike without any pain and I can carry my seventy pound dog up and down the stairs without any struggling.

Kylee D.

I first came to Wilson Family Chiropractic seeking help with TMJ and relief from jaw pain. I neve thought I would come away from here with a healthier digestive system—But I did! Issues I once received frequency antibiotics for have been solved in a more permanent and natural way.

In addition to being so grateful for my physical healing, I am also grateful to the whole staff caring about my emotional well-being. I always leave my appointments in a positive mood!

Lisa G.

I’ve come to Dr. Wilson for at least 12 years. He’s helped me with so many things- regular periods, minor pain, sinuses, knee pain. The most amazing condition was my blood pressure. It was unusually high at my annual checkup. I told Dr. Wilson and he found the cause in my upper cervical. Within 15 minutes of my adjustment, it was back to normal. He is my main health care provider and keeps my body in tune with my monthly adjustments. I’m over and not on meds, thanks to a healthy lifestyle and regular chiropractic adjustments.

Lyn T.

Last fall, I had a lot of pain in my lower back and shoulder when doing activities and would be sore for days afterwards. After starting treatment, the pain in my lower back has all but disappeared. The pain in my shoulder is gone and my range of motion has greatly increased. I can do the activities I want to without much issue now and have been able to start working out again without restriction.

Mark W.

There are numerous ways chiropractic care has helped me, but the best side effect has been taking back my life after 3 years of dealing with bipolar. With having a suicide attempt and honestly not truly remembering most of my experiences with the disorder, I was able to get off medications and am now living my best life, living each moment completely self-aware. I am 2 years medication free and I’m so eternally grateful for what the Wilson Family did and continues to do for me. 

It has also helped with my digestion and gastroparesis. If I’m ever struggling with digesting food, I give Dr. Wilson a call! I no longer have long term issues and this life sure beats the jello diet the doctors prescribed!

Martha T.

After having surgery on my right foot, I had pulled tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. In August 2016, recovery has had many ups and downs. I had to have no weight on my foot, use boot, walker, crutches, wraps, and therapy for recovery. During this time, my walking was off, and my body compensated for that, developing issues. Not all issues are attributed to the “foot”. Aging, needing to set and walk straighter have played a part.

In April 2018, I started to have headaches, neck, shoulders, and body was just hurting. At that point, I did some thinking and research, and saw Wilson Family Chiropractic Center. My headaches are gone, and my body is feeling much better. Over the next months with traction and adjustments, my body will get straighter and pain free, for all over better health. This has been much better than a band-aid fix with meds. It is important to find out why your body is feeling the way it is, and not let it go get worse.

Niceta S.

I had tingling throughout my left arm before coming to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center. After a period of adjustments and traction sessions, I now have no tingling in my arm anymore. Hoping to see further improvements.

Paul H.

I have dealt with constant acne since I was a child, tried over the counter and prescription medications with minimal results. I came to Dr. Wilson for back and hip pain, and shortly after starting traction, I noticed my face stopped breaking out. My back pain is also gone, my posture gets better every week, my mood has improved, and my hip is feeling quite a bit better. I recommend Dr. Wilson!

Sherry S.

3 months ago, I came to Dr. Wilson, dragging my foot, experiencing excruciating nerve pain (sciatica) and low back pain. All my daily activities were impacted. Gradually I began to experience relief (I came for every appointment and took every supplement according to my treatment plan). I am able to sleep in my own bed, I’m not tripping from my foot dragging. I can stand, I can cook dinner, I can find hours of pain relief. I walked for nearly an hour with my family on Halloween! Small, but life activities, are possible again 😊

Teresa D.

I walked into Dr. Wilson’s office after returning from Thailand after a suggestion from a friend. I was in a motorbike accident in Vietnam this last fall, which left me banged up in a hospital for a few days. That accident plus years of bad posture had me moving pretty slowly. A couple weeks after working with Dr. Wilson, I noticed immediate improvements in my mobility and my energy within the first couple of weeks. I’ve been able to sleep better and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety. I feel as if my long-term health is significantly improving based on working Dr. Wilson and I look forward to continuing our improvements.

Trevor C.

I went through active rehab last fall. Prior to that time, I had led an active athletic lifestyle. But physically, my body forced me to stop. That is when I sought help from Wilson Family Chiropractic Center. After my active rehab. I SLOWLY began to exercise again. I like to jog, so I ‘hit’ the treadmill. Last Friday, I ran 8 miles! (last time I did that was one year ago, to the day).

I am now enjoying a healthy body again and plan on joining RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) this summer! Life is good again! Thank you 😊

Tom B.

I can sit without pain in my arm and hand. I also gained feeling back in my fingers. I also feel like I have more energy through the day. I have only had two migraines and I would normally get one every two months.

Trudi K.

I injured my lower back at work, I work as a CNA, and after I had that injury, I saw multiple doctors, went to a chiropractor that did very minor guess adjustments, which were not helping me at all. My injury happened in mid-late august 2020. I was having numbness in my legs and couldn’t stand for more than an hour at a time without having to sit down and rest. It was getting hard to stand even in the shower because I kept losing sensation in my legs, they felt cold as if there wasn’t any blood flow to them. I have a 6-month-old son now. After 2 months of dealing with back pain, having to take ibuprofen 800mg and narcotic pain meds, as well as the cold numb feeling and loss of sensation to my legs. I figured I needed to do something about this, it definitely wasn’t okay. An ER Dr. told me I was fine and made me feel like I was crazy and making it up.

After coming to Dr. Wilson, I now have normal menstrual cycles each moth despite my PCOS, I can now carry my son in his car seat as well as play with him and go on walks. And best of all, no more numb, cold feeling in my legs. I now sleep better, breathe better, maybe only get an occasional stress headache. Thanks to Dr. Wilson and Wilson Family Chiropractic, I am no able to work 12-16hr shifts with no problem and with no pain to my lower back or legs. I have a long way to go still, but all the faith in Dr. Wilson.

Ajla A.

Back in October, I was playing volleyball and I dove for a save and I severely damaged my lower back. It took me 10-15 minutes to get up from the court and to get ice. Everyday, I would come to my mom in tears because of my pain. When I first came to Dr. Wilson, he said my back was far out of place and my neck curve made me 2 inches shorter. Two months later, my neck curve is 100% better and I could go back to playing volleyball. Now, I’m running so much better and I don’t need as much rest. I’ve known Dr. Wilson for almost 10 years and as a soccer coach. Thank you for helping me with my back and thank you Reba and fellow patients for motivating me!

Max V.

Prior to seeing Dr. Wilson, I was experiencing headaches and migraines everyday to every other day. I felt tired all the time and had no energy. I relied on Ibuprofen often to get me through my day. Since seeing Dr. Wilson, I am happy to say that I maybe get a headache once every week, which for me is a huge improvement. I am so thankful that a friend referred me to him and all he has done for me. He is wonderful and his team is excellent.

Tatjana C.

Dr. Wilson and his staff are amazing! I have severe scoliosis. Dr. Wilson suggested I get a Scolibrace to help with my pain and curvature. I am so thankful I found Dr. Wilson. I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again. I received my brace in December of 2020 and wore it 8 to 10 hours a day for 3 months before my pain completely stopped. I was amazed at how fast it helped with the pain! If Dr. Wilson recommends you getting a Scolibrace, do it! You won’t regret it! It has changed my life. He will fit your brace to your needs to help with comfort. It takes a few weeks to get used to, but you will get used to it and it will become comforting. I recently had my second x-ray and to my surprise my curvature went from 43 degrees to 38 degrees in just 8 months!
Jenny M.

Before coming to Dr. Wilson, I had back pain and a shooting pain that went down my leg. Having this back pain prevented me from playing sports. In school it was hard for me to sit in a chair and even walking was challenging. I could not even tie my shoe. Since I came here in April, adjustments and traction have helped me see improvements. I can walk better, sit without being in constant pain. I can also finally tie my shoe! I am also slowly getting into sports. I am very thankful for everyone at Wilson Family Chiropractic Center to getting me back into the stuff that I love!

Allison W.

I came to Dr. Wilson after 10+ years of lower back pain. I got to the point where my back would seize up and I wouldn’t be able to move for a couple minutes. My back pain made it hard for me to get up and off the floor, in and out of chairs, pick up kids, and workout. Since coming to Dr. Wilson, I have been able to move without pain. I can straighten my legs which has never happened while sitting and laying. Working out has gotten easier with squats, lunges, leg lifts, etc.

I also suffered from horrible allergies and headaches. My allergies have gotten so much better. Less allergy attacks and less headaches. This office has helped me be a more positive person to myself and that has helped so much mentally. I can’t stress enough how much I love the people here. They are doing GOD’s work.

Ashley H.

Towards the end of May 2018, I started to get very sharp pains in my left foot, and with softball season coming up, I didn’t want to do anything about it and risk sitting for most of the season. After about 3 months of softball, I could barely put any pressure on my foot without pain, so I went into an orthopedic doctor. He told me I have chronic tendonitis in my foot. He put me in a boot and physical therapy for a month. For a few weeks after, I finished PT and was out of the boot, my foot had not hurt. Then school started and I started getting the pain in my foot again along with new lower back pain that wouldn’t allow me to sit comfortably for long periods of time. A few days later, my mom got me in to see Dr. Wilson. I’ve been going regularly for about 3 months and I have noticed so many improvements! I no longer have any foot pain, lower back pain, or headaches! I am able to play any sport I want and sit through the whole day of classes without being in so much pain! Thank you so much Wilson Family Chiropractic Center!

Avery C.

Before coming to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center, I was experiencing headaches at least 3 times a week, if not more. I was also taking medicine to help deal with joint pain I had associated with arthritis. Because of these issues, it was very difficult when performing in sports. After coming to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center, my headaches have reduced significantly. I have also been able to reduce the amount of medicine I take to cope with my joint pain. Thanks to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center, my body has been able to regulate it’s cycles and function more efficiently.

Cady B.

  • Fewer headaches
  • Reduced shoulder tension
  • Better mood
  • More mobility in my neck
Charity M.

Since January 2019, I’ve been coming here every 3 weeks. I used to have times where my neck hurt but now, I’m perfect and I have been only coming here for 9 months. It has made my neck so much better. Thank you Doctor Wilson and staff.

Conor T.R.

When my son graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, I knew he would put his all into this profession—that’s his personality—he always gave his all to whatever he set out to do. And like most people, I knew chiropractic would take the “kinks” out. I soon learned—I knew SO little about the benefits of chiropractic care!

As we were visiting one day, I mentioned that I had been experiencing heartburn for several weeks. “Why didn’t you tell me this?!” he explained. I didn’t know heartburn could be alleviated through chiropractic care! After a few weeks of rehab and continuing routine care, heartburn disappeared and has been gone for several years.

Recently, at one of my continuing care visits, I jokingly said, “My knee hurts when I go up and down starts. Can you fix that??” Much to my surprise, I have once again learned that chiropractic care CAN “fix” my knee! I have been doing rehab for a couple months and my knee pain is virtually gone.

God has blessed my son with knowledge and healing hands, and I LOVE hearing success stories that come out of his practice. They are numerous.

P.S. I’m filled with anticipation thinking about what he can do for weight loss!

Deanna W.

In just a few weeks, my pain in my neck and upper back have been minimal, especially after biking, running and resistance training. My neck pain at night has completely gone away, allowing me to wake up feeling refreshed and much more energized!

Emily M.

When I feel my neck, it doesn’t feel puffed out like it used to be. I can now breath better when I run and play soccer. I have been able to get off my inhaler when playing sports!

Gideon C.

Before traction, I couldn’t read in the car or sit up straight. If I read in the car, I started getting sick and having headaches. Sitting up straight just flat out hurt. Now, I can read in the car so long car trips are fun and sitting up instead of slouching is nice!

Gwenivere S.

I previously have had 2 back surgeries within 4 years and now the doctor wants to perform a fusion. My injury was while I was in the gym doing deadlifts. Over the past 2-3 months, I have had multiple improvements take place. I have significantly less pain, no tingling and throbbing in my left leg and foot. My range of motion is much better. My feet don’t get cold nearly as often. The most important thing is, I have an improved quality of life. Like I said, I am only 2-3 months into my treatment plan!

P.S. Migraines are down by 80%!

Jacob S.

I was referred to Dr. Wilson after bulging a disc in my low back. I was absolutely not going to lead with back surgery. Dr. Wilson and his team knew exactly what I needed to do to get my spine back in shape. Not only is the excruciating pain gone, but I’m back to work full time and able to do all the activities I wasn’t able to do when I was down. Best of all I avoided surgery!!

Jeff B.

After visiting 4 general practitioners without success, I found Dr. Wilson after researching for a while. Most doctors either said “everything is ok” or possibly wanted me to take a prescription drug. I had read several books in the past ten years and knew the body’s ability to heal itself with the proper ingredients.

Consulting with Dr. Wilson lead to quickly discovered a mild scoliosis and the relation of its location to the symptoms I was having.

Not only was this a relief, finally someone finding the root cause, but his approach to combine the healing process with the proper nutrition after running food sensitivity test, is what I truly was looking for!

It has been 2 months and I am aware of my posture, energy levels up, and being able to fix myself naturally for the long run is remarkable. Dr. Wilson has an amazing team and great mindset, I really admire his dedication to the well-being of others.

Jose A.

No morning stiffness

Able to bend over to put boots/shoes on

No pain going down my leg

No nerve pain in my lower back

Able to help out around the house

Justin P.

My legs are the biggest share of my problems with aching with sharp, stabbing pain sometimes and restless leg syndrome. Since start with Dr. Wilson and the team here, I have had much better days. I’ve noticed my ability to go up and down stairs is much easier. I don’t have to take one step at a time anymore! When I get up from sitting, I don’t have to stay hunched over, slowly straightening up. Not totally fine in standing yet, but I’m sure with time that will improve. I can walk outside with more ease than not wanting to walk much at all before. I can stand and prepare meals in the kitchen for a longer period of time than before as well. My health is improving, and I know it will continue to do so with God and Dr. Wilson’s help 😊 and of course the ladies have been wonderful! Thank you!

Karen M.

I have been playing piano since I was seven years old. I’ve always loved listening to music and the ability to create it is something I love even more. However, due to upper back pain, I couldn’t practice for much longer than half an hour a day. If I did, I’d get pain that would last for hours. After a few weeks of chiropractic care, though, it took much longer for me to notice pain, until eventually I stopped noticing it altogether. Now, I am continuing to improve and spend time doing the things I love. Running is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s so much fun, pushing yourself to be stronger and faster and improving, going farther than you ever thought you’d be able to. However, since my freshmen year of high school, I haven’t been able to run more than a few miles without calf pain. It forced me to slow down or stop, meaning I wasn’t improving, and I wasn’t having any fun running. Now, thanks to Wilson Family Chiropractic, I can run farther, and work harder than I did before, with little to no pain. I’m excited to see what my future cross-country seasons have in store!

Lauren D.

When I first came to Dr. Wilson, I was having major anxiety issues mixed with daily headaches. Every day was a battle, but even after my first adjustment, my headaches went away and my anxiety lessened. Dr. Wilson and Staff changed my life and I thank my lucky star I got in when I did.

Luke W.

I came to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center with very painful heartburn. Throughout treatment and tractioning, I saw the intensity and amount of occurrence decreased. It had been years since I was heartburn free, and that is my goal once more. I feel it is possible with Wilson Family Chiropractic Center.

Mac W.

I came to Dr. Wilson seeking relief from neck pain which was causing severe migraines and keeping me from not only being able to work out and be active but being active and present with my daughter. I was also experiencing low back pain which also caused me to miss out on activities. I’ve since returned to working out and no longer experience migraines, neck pain, and my low back pain has decreased greatly. I’m happy to have my life back again!

Marsha H.

I was very bothered by a stiffness in my back and neck. Such also was evident in my hips discomfort and in walking. I have more flexibility in my back and a better gait as I walk. I also like how it is affecting my posture and how I hold my head taller. I am very much happier with my back curvatures improving.

Maxine H.

When I first came to Dr. Wilson, I had a lot of chronic tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. After starting my treatments, I felt relief and have gone several months without the neck pain. I also noticed increased without the neck pain. I also notice increased flexibility in my shoulders. I’m able to sit all day at work without it bothering me.

I’ve also had a decrease in lower back pain and noticed improvements while sitting for longer periods of time.

Overall, my body feels less stressed! Dr. Wilson and staff were very welcoming from my first phone call and visit, and I know they have my best interest in mind with all they do.

Nicole G.

This is my story for my continued Chiropractic care. I was involved in 2 serious car accidents; my neck and lower back were not doing good. Constant jaw pain, headaches, and lower back aches were a constant in my life especially since my job required constant use of a computer, and at one time a shared computer which was not specialized to my needs. Also, being an avid horseback rider, gardener, and believing in exercise, it was important to me to have relief besides surgery which was recommended or take constant pain meds. None of which was a choice for me. After a period of just getting by, a friend mention she went to a chiropractic clinic/school in a neighboring town and suggested maybe they could help especially with the headaches. So my adventure began…the more I found relief the better I felt. There were many times I wandered away from treatment, but I have always come back to seek the relief that adjustments brought to me. That first appointment started in 1966. Since then, no surgery, no pain meds and my alignment has also improved. To me, that’s success!

Sharon C.

Before coming to Dr. Wilson, I had (for several months) an onset of shortness of breath when I was active (running, biking, working out, etc.). After just 1 month of adjustments, I was running all over a golf course cheering on my son at his cross country meet and had ZERO shortness of breath! BOOM! Thank you, Dr. Wilson.

Sophie P.

I dealt with low back pain, leg pain, poor circulation in feet, and shortness of breath for 2 years. I have been to 5 other chiropractors, acupunctures, medical doctors for surgery, and injections and nothing has helped. After coming to Wilson Family Chiropractic Center, I do not need a walker anymore, no leg pain, and can feel the circulation in feet. I am able to do chores around the house, can sleep 8-10 hours and don’t get up throughout the night. I am able to shoot pool 2x a week! I am looking forward to being able to travel.

Gene V.

I have been taking medication and using a daily inhaler for over 20 years. I have been getting regular treatments from Dr. Wilson. I’ve been off all asthmatic treatment for approximately 5 months now. Thanks to my treatments!

Julianne K.

Porter was born prematurely at 33 weeks. The nurses and his pediatrician told us that many premature babies can deal with digestive issues and it would not be uncommon for him to go 5-10 days without a dirty diaper. They also said he would make plenty of noise while he slept because of that, and they weren’t lying! Dr. Wilson has helped Porter become much more regular and probably more comfortable and healthy because of that. Mom and dad don’t mind all the dirty diapers, if it makes for a happier Porter!

Porter T.

When I first came in, I was having mostly lower back and knee issues. After just my first adjustment, I immediately felt a lot of relief in my lower back. I’ve been coming for a month now and rarely have back pain, have been able to sleep through the entire night (more than just 4 hours), my digestion improved greatly, and I overall don’t feel as stressed. Besides this, I can feel this large difference in my posture now. This is allowing me to be active and continue playing softball and soccer without feeling a great deal of pain afterwards.

Valarie S.

I was having to deal with very itchy bumps all over my body. I didn’t know what was happening, so we decided to take a food sensitivity test to see what I am sensitive to. Some were lettuce, oregano spice, all different kinds of beans and eggs. We normally eat eggs every day! I am doing amazing after cutting out beans and eggs. I no longer get itchy bumps on my skin. Thank you, Wilson Family Chiropractic & Scoliosis Center!

Zeke W.

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