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Our team takes a research-driven approach to solving neurological and spinal conditions.  Situated in the heart of the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, we are transforming the lives of many all over eastern Iowa.

Our heart is for the patient and we are committed to delivering our very best. We know some clinics are willing to do guess work and not do any imaging of the spine – we are not one of them.

  • Digital posture analysis – utilizing the most accurate, award-winning postural assessment application.
  • Digital x-rays – analyzed with the most detailed and precise digitization software available.
  • Blood testing for nutritional needs and lifestyle changes.

We are aware that some clinics will just ‘patch you up’ and send you on your way – we are not one of them.

We provide full management of your condition: thorough evaluation, individualized treatment, home instruction.

Your care plan is layed out ahead of time so you know what to expect and what is or isn’t needed. Follow up evaluations allow us to measure progress and stay on top of your condition properly…in other words, show you the job is getting done!

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What is CBP® Technique?

Chiropractic BioPhysics®also known as CBP Technique, is the leading-edge form of spinal rehabilitation.  These methods of improving health and normalizing spinal curvatures, and correcting postural issues is the most researched, reliable, and reproducible technique on the planet. 

As the Cedar Valley’s exclusive structural rehab facility, we accept the responsibility of remaining progressive in our approach by contributing to the research community.

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